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Mau's Graduation-August 1, 2002
Thanksgiving 2002-Sac
Christmas 2002
New Years 2003
Mother's Day 2003
Lola and Katrina's Bday-6-8-03
Jerald's 2nd Bday-8-16-03
Janel's 20th Bday Dinner8-19-03
Camping at Lake Spaulding-8-22-03-8-24-03
Ken's 29th Bday Dinner @ Mimi's Cafe-9-5-03
Quoc's 20th Bday Dinner @ Logan's-9-03
Jenn's 28th Bday Dinner Get-2-Gether-10-28-03
Thanksgiving 2003
Mom's Bday December 2003
Christmas 2003
Jan Marie's Cotillion-12-27-03
Mother's Day 2004
Dinner & Jumbos-7-26-04
Janel's 21st Surprise Bday Party-8-21-04
Thanksgiving 2004
Christmas Eve 2004
Universal Studios Trip 2005
Cheesecake Factory-day after Mother's Day-5-2005
Janel's 22nd Birthday Dinner-8-2005
State Fair-August 31, 2005
Ken's 31st Bday-9-05
Circus Circus-9-05
Jenn's 30th Bday Dinner-10-28-05
Dinner @ Thanh Long's 10-29-05
Halloween 2005
Xmas 2005
Black Eyed Peas/Pussycat Dolls Concert
Easter 2006
Mother's Day 2006
Soto Family Vacation-July 2006
July 4th 2006-Elazegui Family Celebration
Janel's 23rd Birthday 8-2006
Jenn's 31st Birthday Lunch 10-29-06
Christmas 2006
Sea World May 2007
World Animal Park May 2007
Family Xmas Get Together 2007
Reno 2008
Halloween 2007

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