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My daddy and mommy's wedding which was held December 20, 1973 in the Philippines.

My mommy when she was 20 years old. Hoochie Mama! Just kidding, Mom!

Me, my cousin Maureen, my cousin Jessica, and my sister Janel. Taken July 1998.

Me and my sister, Janel. She's 16 years old.
Here's Maureen! She's 16 years old. "Hello Sir!!!!!jk"
Here's my other cousin, Jessica. She is 16 years old. Just call her "Jae-Jae"!

Me, Janel, and Maui at an anniversary celebration in May 1997.
Me and Janel in 1997.
My Lola Cita, young me, and my Lola Sabina.