Me and my cousin, Tizza(pronounced T-SA), went to Vegas May 17th-May 20th, 2001. The weather was great; H O T ! We did lotsa shopping, not so much gambling. One of the best highlights of our trip was the show that we watched at Mandalay Bay, "The Storm". We were big-time laggers for the standyby line at the Bellagio for the "Solei" show.
The hotels look so beautiful at night. . .1. Aladdin Hotel 2. Bellagio Hotel3. Luxor Hotel Sign with Mandalay Bay Hotel in the background
1. MGM Grand 2. The view outside our hotel room 3. and 4. Paris
The lovely Venetian
The "WaterShow" on front of the Bellagio Hotel!!! Very relaxing and refreshing.
Look! It's the ceiling of one of the hotels. Isn't it amazing?!

Front of the Harley Davidson Store
Here goes the corny pictures of us. . . LOL
M E E H ! ! !
This is a picture taken at C2K, some techno/house club in the Venetian Hotel. I wasn't feeling very well at the end of the night. I mixed my drinks and it sure made me feel sick...and the story goes on.

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