On, Friday, June 1st, my little sister, Janel, graduated from Florin High in Sacramento. Yes, we are 8 years apart. It surely brought memories of my graduation which seems just like yesterday...eww. I'm getting old.
1. Janel in her gown before we leave to go to the graduation ceremony 2. Janel and Jiselle 3. Janel and Quoc
My mom and Jiselle in the hall of the graduation ceremony
Janel, my mom, Jiselle, my Dad, and me
This time I'm taking the picture
I wanted to take a picture with my little sister...awww...
1.Janel, Quoc, and Rushelle 2. Janel, Quoc, and "Toqua"-I gave him that name, his real name is Anhqua 3. Betty, Quoc, and Janel
After the picture taking, we proceeded to Buca Di Beppo's-Great Italian Food

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