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On October 9, 1999, Joanne and Francis got married at Holy Spirit in Fremont. It was a beautiful wedding. Everyone was so very happy for them! They've been together since senior year! Please note: These pix were taken from JimmyC's Mixture page.
Franco, Jimmy, and Norbz
Me and Jess inside church waiting for the start of the wedding!
R-lene and Hugo

Here's Joanne and Francis walking down the aisle!! I can't believe they are a married couple! Awwww!
We caught Jo and Fran going walking into their limo. How cute!
Us girls outside the church
Dreamzz and JimmyC!!LOL
The guys outside the church

The wedding reception taken place at the Fremont Hilton!
Oh no..some of the guys dancing w/ Francis during the money dance!
Joanne and Francis dancing after they got their all their money!!LOL jk
Joanne with us girls!!!

All the guys!

Some of the guys being funny as always! Norb in the far left trying to copy my smile! ya ya ya!